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The Blackfly GigE 04 PoE camera is an affordable high-speed camera option that offers 290 fps in combination with high-quality color images. 

The camera is a superior alternative for those who wish to combine several perfectly synchronized camera angles in their teaching.


The Blackfly camera is recommended for permanent set-ups (indoor studios, garage bays, etc) using desktop computers. Please pay attention to the recommended computer specifications (including the network ports/cards requirements). To have an optimal experience and a clear image of the shaft and club head at impact, we highly recommend installing three of these lights. Not having enough light will affect the performance of the camera and shaft blur may occur.



  • Blackfly GigE 04 camera
  • Global Shutter Lens (2.8 -10 mm)
  • Adapter for mount


To run this camera, you can either use a power adapter (not included) or you can use a PoE Network card (not included). You can run up to two cameras per Network card and you need an available PCI Express port in your desktop computer.


Please take a look at the camera information page to learn more about what camera you should choose. 

290 FPS
720x540 pixels
The camera needs to be a minimum of 2.1m away from the golfer with a driver, 1.8m with an iron.

Blackfly GigE 04

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