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Discover What Good Looks Like

Clippd is a new technology that allows golfers and golf instructors to input, connect and elevate performance data into a single platform.

The all in one tool for players & coaches

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How Clippd Makes You Better


Integrates with other technologies. Easy to input rounds and practice.


Clippd’s AI learns your game – every shot, every activity.


Understand the skills that lead to your best scores.


Insights and drills for purposeful, measurable practice.


Track your progress. Know what to work on.

A New Benchmark of Skill

Shot Quality

Shot Quality is a single number that shows the quality of every shot you hit – on and off the course.

Player Quality

Player Quality is a single number that represents your current skill level, overall and in each part of your game.

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Focus Your Golf Practice with a Clear Priority List

What to Work on

Clippd’s unique, data-driven blueprint of your game – what impacts your scoring, where you can improve, how you’re trending.

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