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The Secret to Boosting Clubhead Speed and Driving Distance - It's Not Buying a New Driver

Every golfer wants to hit longer, more explosive drives. But the answer isn't found in buying the latest expensive driver - it's in training to increase your swing speed. With the right speed training program, you can significantly boost your clubhead speed and see massive distance gains, even with your current equipment. That's exactly what the Rypstick provides.

Rypstick - Gain 15-25 Yards in 6 Weeks

The Ultimate Speed Training Aid

The Rypstick is trusted by over 100 Tour pros, long drive competitors - including Seb Twadell - and over 1,000 teaching professionals to help golfers of all levels maximize their swing speed and distance potential. As featured in Golf Digest and on MyGolfSpy, this innovative training club is scientifically designed to build speed from anywhere.

The Math Behind More Distance

For every 1 MPH increase in clubhead speed, you can expect to gain around 3 yards in driving distance. The Rypstick makes adding that crucial swing speed simple through its compact, versatile design. With 3 interchangeable weights plus an optional counterweight, it provides 8 unique weight combinations from 270g to 420g - no need to swap out clubheads.

Achievable Gains

Just 10 minutes per day, 3 times per week with the Rypstick could have you bombing tee shots 15-25 yards farther down the fairway. Its streamlined build tucks easily into your golf bag, allowing you to train at home, the range, or course.

The Complete Package

What makes the Rypstick truly stand out is its comprehensive speed training approach:

  • Free swing analysis ($89 value) by Golf Digest award-winning instructor Dr. Luke Benoit

  • Access to proven training programs with step-by-step drills in the Ryp app

  • Ability to progressively increase weight from 270g to 420g in one club

  • 60g counterweight to further intensify speed training

With the Rypstick, you get an all-in-one system to turbocharge your swing speed and distance development.

The Smarter Solution

Don't waste money on new equipment and hope for the best. Train smarter with the Rypstick to unlock your true distance potential through improved swing speed. As golfers across tours and clubs have experienced, it's golf's must-have speed training solution.


Take Your First Step To More Powerful Drives Today

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