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A Closer Look at the Capto EZ Putting Sensor: Interview with Jochem Burghouts 

Jochem Burghouts PGA professional putting capto golf
Jochem Burghouts, PGA Professional

The Cero Golf team is excited to bring you an exclusive interview with Jochem Burghouts in today's blog. Jochem is a PGA Holland Class AAA professional, putting and short game specialist, and an esteemed partner and distributor of Capto Golf. The Capto EZ is Capto's putting sensor designed specifically with the player in mind! It utilises all the accuracy and data quality of the Gen 2 model (used for coaches), so you can trust the results. It is designed to be light weight and easy to use, as you can train using either the screen on the device or connect on the app with your smartphone, anytime, anywhere.

In this interview, we delve into the world of golf technology, focusing on the Capto EZ, its game-changing features and how it can be used to improve your putting game! Here are the take aways: 

1. How accurate is the Capto EZ compared to the Capto Gen 2.0?

When it comes to accuracy, the Capto EZ and Capto Gen 2.0 both stand at the pinnacle of golf technology. However, they cater to distinct needs. The Capto EZ is player-centric, offering real-time feedback in an easily understandable format, making it perfect for golfers of all levels. The Capto Gen 2.0, on the other hand, is designed with coaches in mind. Both sensors provide precise putting analysis, but the Capto EZ is all about optimizing accuracy for individual players, making it accessible and actionable for everyone, from novices to seasoned pros.

Capto Gen 2.0 vs. Capto EZ
Capto Gen 2.0 vs. Capto EZ

2. Can you elaborate on the key features of the Capto EZ and how they benefit both beginner and experienced golf players?

The Capto EZ is packed with key features that benefit both beginners and experienced players. Its instant feedback system, accessible through the app or the sensor's display, makes it versatile for use on various greens. Beginners can establish strong fundamentals with its user-friendly design, while advanced golfers can fine-tune their strokes with precision. The Capto EZ's indoor/outdoor flexibility, easy calibration, and display monitor make it an essential tool for golfers looking to enhance their putting game.

Capto EZ golf data iphone
Capto EZ Data

3. Tell us about the sensors used in the Capto EZ. How do these sensors contribute to its accuracy and reliability in analyzing putting strokes?

With nine measurement sensors, including magnetometers, gyroscopes, and accelerometers, the Capto EZ ensures pinpoint accuracy in tracking your club's movement. These sensors work in harmony to deliver reliable insights into critical putting parameters, guaranteeing that golfers can trust the feedback they receive. It's a sophisticated technology that forms the foundation of the Capto EZ's accuracy and reliability.

4. The Capto EZ's display monitor is highly praised. How does it provide instant feedback and why is it valuable during practice sessions for golfers?

The Capto EZ's display monitor offers immediate feedback on key parameters, even without an app connection. This real-time guidance is invaluable during practice sessions, helping golfers understand the impact of technique adjustments on their performance. Think of it as having a personal coach right on the green, offering guidance with every putt. It's a game-changer for refining your skills.

5. Considering portability is a key factor in the Capto EZ's design. Can you share more details about its size, weight, and splash proof capabilities?

Designed with convenience in mind, the Capto EZ is small, lightweight (only 49 grams), and splash-proof. Its compact hardcover protective case ensures your sensor is always secure. Its size and weight won't interfere with your stroke, and the splash-proof design ensures durability in various conditions. Whether you're practicing at the course or traveling, the Capto EZ is your ideal companion, allowing consistent practice and improvement no matter where you are.

To conclude Jochem Burghouts's insights, the Capto EZ provides cutting-edge technology that's changing the game for golfers worldwide. From precision to portability, this sensor offers a winning combination of features to help golfers of all levels elevate their putting. Click here to shop and learn more about the Capto EZ and embark on your journey toward mastering the greens. ⛳️

The Capto Gen 3.0 is now available on our store! Check it out here.


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